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Ordering Online

This site uses the PayPal online ordering system to process electronic orders. You can purchase prints using your credit card.

Ordering prints from Alaska Photographics and Imaging is very easy. Simply follow these steps:

Œ  Find the print that you would like to order.

  Click the Add to Cart button below the preview image (click the image to see a larger version).

Ž  A new window displaying the contents of your Shopping Cart will appear.

  Click Checkout to finalize your purchase, or click Continue Shopping to browse other prints.

  Fill out the required information in the PayPal checkout process. Your order will be processed and placed immediately. A $20.00 charge will automatically be added to the cost of your prints at the time of checkout for shipping, handling, and insurance.


Ordering via Postal Mail

If you would prefer to mail your check directly to us, please follow these steps to place your order.

Œ  Find the print that you would like to order.

  Send us an e-mail message, stating the title, image number, and quantity of the print or prints that you would like to order.

Ž  Send your check, money order, or cashier's check in U.S. funds (payable to Scott McGee) and your mailing address to me at the address shown below.

Please be sure to add $20.00 to the final price of your order for shipping, handling, and insurance.

Your order will be processed as soon as your payment is received. It typically takes one or two days from the time I receive payment to ship your order.

If you would like your order to be shipped to an address other than your mailing address, please indicate so with a short note included with your payment.

I'm verified by PayPal. Click to see my PayPal status.What's PayPal Verified mean? It means that my business information has been verified as accurate by PayPal. They have confirmed I'm who I say I am, they know where I live, and they have my bank account information. As a buyer, this translates into security for you because you'll be able to take advantage of the fraud protection services of your credit card. Scam artists don't want you to know who they are and will go to great lengths to conceal their identity, or even use a fake identity. Legitimate businesses want you to know who they are, and that's where the PayPal Verified seal is valuable to you as a buyer. I encourage you to check my PayPal status before you buy. Just click the PayPal Verified seal to see my PayPal status. You can make your purchase online via credit card, or through the traditional postal method. And you can rest assured that if you order it, you'll get it!

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