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  About The Prints

There's recently been a revolution in the world of photography and photographic printing. In the old days, a piece of film (either negative or slide) would be exposed in the camera, and developed in a caustic bath of chemicals. The developed film would then itself be projected by a light source onto a piece of photosensitive paper. Then it was the paper's turn to take a chemical bath. The process required either taking your film in to a photo shop, where a technician would do the work for you (and provide you very little input in how it was developed) or you had to do it yourself in a homebuilt darkroom, a messy and space-consuming proposition.

Today, photography requires no film, no chemicals, no darkroom, and it allows the photographer complete control over the entire process, from pressing the shutter button to the final print. This is the case at Alaska Photographics and Imaging. All the photos on this site are from either digitally-scanned slides or original digital captures. I now shoot exclusively with digital cameras, with all processing done digitally on a computer. Prints are output on a professional-level, pigment-based, archival quality printer, using the highest quality, acid-free archival paper available today (prints wider than 93" are printed on 100% archival cotton canvas). These prints can be displayed for 70 years  or more with no fading. This is a significant advance over the longevity of traditional silver-halide photographic prints.

All prints have a 2"-3" white border on the top, bottom, left, and right sides. The border at the bottom of the image provides a space for the print number and the photographer's signature. Refer to the Galleries for the image sizes of the various prints. The image sizes do not include the white borders.

When browsing the Galleries, click on any image if you'd like to see a larger version of it.  You can see close-up details of selected images by clicking on the magnifying glass icon .
Commercial Use

The images featured on this website may be licensed for commercial use in print or on the Web. Please send me an e-mail message indicating the image or images you would be interesting in using. Terms, conditions, and prices will be forwarded to you. You may also send me an e-mail by clicking the link found at the bottom of each Gallery page.


Packing and Shipping

All prints are safely and securely packed to prevent damage during shipment. I use a tube-in-tube system in which your print is rolled around the outside of a supporting 3" diameter heavyweight tube, with a soft paper protective slipcover used to prevent marring of the image. The image and its supporting tube are then inserted into a 4" diameter industrial-weight outer protective tube. Packing material at the ends of the inner tube prevents end-to-end and side-to-side movement of the inner tube within the outer tube. Since the inner tube has a smaller diameter than the outer tube, your print never touches the inside of the outer tube, thus ensuring complete protection during shipment. I've shipped hundreds of prints with this method and have never had a print damaged!

I ship all prints via U.S. Postal Priority mail, insured for the price of the order. The cost for shipping to anywhere in the United States and Canada is US $20.00. If you pay online with your credit card, this fee will automatically be added to your order. If you pay via personal check, please be sure to add the $20.00 cost of shipping, handling, and insurance to the total price for your prints.


A Note About the Online Images

Depending of the resolution of your monitor, the images shown on this website may not display at their optimum quality. This is because, in the interests of optimizing the storage space on my web server and reducing the amount of time you have to wait for images to download. I have compressed the images as much as I reasonably could, while maintaining the best quality possible. In most cases, the display quality of the images on your screen will be quite acceptable. However, there is always a trade-off between display quality, image size, and download speed when dealing with the Internet.

The images displayed on this site are intended only for preview purposes to assist you in your purchasing decision. The online images are not used to produce the finished prints. Your prints are produced using the full-resolution digital images, which typically range in size from 100-500 megabytes. As a result, these digital files preserve all the high resolution and color information of the original photograph.




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