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Thanks for visiting the Alaska Photographics and Imaging website. If you like what you've seen here, or would like to comment on the photographs shown here, I would like to hear about it. Or, do you have ideas to improve the site? If so, let me know and I'll consider them!

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    Here's what others are saying about Alaska Photographics and Imaging...

I just want to say thank you for sharing your photos. They are absolutely amazing and oh so beautiful.

Good job!!!

Hi Scott. I am a photographer specializing in outdoor portraits and sports - just in my third year but it is my passion. It's easy to see that you have truly absorbed yourself into your photography and are truly an amazing artist. You are very inspiring. People like me need people like you!

Très beau site sur l'Alaska que nous avons visité cet été; bravo 2 français amoureux de la nature.
(Very beautiful site about Alaska, which we visited this summer.)

Great panoramas! I really like the photographs with the northern light. I use a Hasselblad XPan camera for my panoramas.

Your site is among the best of its kind and the photos are superb.

As an Alaska resident who has traveled all around the state I have to say that your photos truly capture the beauty we all share.

I just came across your web site (for the first time) while I was “googling” for images of the lower Llewellyn glacier. Your site is beautiful and your images are spectacular. This is the first time I’ve seen many of your stunning images. I knew you were good but these images increase my respect for your artistic talents.

WOW!! Your photos are breathtaking. Absolutely gorgeous!! Great work! I am impressed, and jealous of your talent!!

I just finished looking at the rest of your photo gallery. These are stunning. I live in the city (Boston), and found it so soothing just to sit here and view them. Beautiful work!

I recently purchased the Alien Planet #2 Limited Edition print, and am very pleased with the quality and image! I also was very surprised and excited to get print #1! I have had it framed and hanging. I have told others about your website and fine art you have available. Again, thanks for the great print!!

You have some great pictures of one of the most amazing places in our planet. Very good work.

Thanks for giving us a part of our home. We lived in Anchorage from 94 - 03. Still as gorgeous as ever. Keep it up!

Fabulous photos. They reinforce the fact that I will visit Alaska one day. The Northern Lights pictures are particularly stunning. Thanks!

Hi Scott. Thank you so much for reminding me of how beautiful Alaska is. I lived in Sitka in '95-'96. It rained a lot, but when the clouds were clearing & afterward, I've never seen such beauty anywhere in my life...Yosemite & Alaska are tied, and they each hold a beauty all their own. Your work is magnificent! I've lived in the mountains 1/2 my life (the Eastern Sierra) and am now in Southern California, longing to go home to my mountains. Thanks for reminding me that they aren't going anywhere, and the harder I work the sooner I can go back! Every human being should see the Northern Lights at least once. I've been blessed in this life right there alone! Thanks, and keep up the fabulous work, it is exquisite!

I just wanted to thank you for such great pictures. I don't often have time to go through all the photos but am glad I took the night off work and found the time. I have always hoped someday I would see this in person, but living in the Midwest, the odds are against me. These pictures are so much appreciated.

Hi. Just saw your beautiful aurora picture on the Coast to Coast site. So lovely and peaceful, yet energetic. Your work is beautiful, and tides me over as I continue in my own wish to see the northern lights in person one day.

I just saw your picture on George Noory's web site and I must tell you that I was very impressed. It is exquisite and it brings out the beauty of the land otherwise not seen. Thank you so much for sharing. It is greatly appreciated. I have always wanted to visit this beautiful place but never made it. You brought it to me.

Thank you for sharing the beauty and wonder your part of the world. Your photos are truly breathtaking. I have never seen such beautiful photos. I know what I will be asking Santa to deliver under my tree.

I just want to say thank you for sharing your photos. They are absolutely amazing and oh so beautiful.

Wow! Unbelievable shots - very clear and truly remarkable. I would love to see what you see for myself. Thank you you for sharing your images of nature's beauty with the world. Maybe I'll see them soon for myself and I would like for you to be my guide. Best wishes.

I am so thrilled to have found your website and the beautiful pictures of the Alaska Northern Lights. I didn't know what to purchase for a Christmas Gift for some of my friends, but I think I have a pretty good idea now that I've seen your gallery.

Hello. Just wanted to say your photos are absolutely beautiful!! Saw your website on Coast to Coast. Hope to visit Alaska one day soon and see the Aurora Borealis in person.

It was great to see your northern lights photo on the Coast to Coast site. What make of camera do you use for your panoramas?

Beautiful photos of my home state. I love your work!!!

The [northern lights] are amazingly beautiful.  I have never seen that kind of green.  Where I live maybe once a year be get a bit of color.  I should put Alaska on my list of places to go. Thanks for a brighter day.

I love the photo on the Coast to Coast web site this morning. I was immediately taken by the fact that the aurora almost looks to be a hand (palm down) reaching out over the waters. Beautiful! Keep up the great work!

Hello Scott, lovely photograph of the moonscape. I want to go to Alaska sometime in the future just to see things like this. We have been up north in NWT several times but in the summer so no night. Good work, very enjoyable.

Hi Scott. I have really enjoyed looking at your pictures on your website.  I was wondering of you have ever tried catching a picture of the northern lights shimmering over or around Mt. McKinley. Keep up the brilliant work.   : ) 

Thank you for a touch from the gods. I lived in Wisconsin for 10 years and had the opportunity to view the Northern Lights many times. Nothing as spectacular as the images you have been able to capture on film. My birthday falls on Sept. 16th and I would receive a gift from the gods every year. I would just stand outside and wait because I knew what would come. In the 10 years there never missed my wonderful gift. Thank you for allowing me to see again what I've missed so much. To me they were lost souls at last finding the way to the Promised Land. This site sure goes to the top of my wish list.

Good afternoon........Myself, as an Architectural, Commercial/Industrial photographer for almost, (I sure hate to used that number of 40) too many years, I am very impressed by your landscape photography. In my opinion, you are one the best, simple (freezing your fanny, for many hours is not that simple! but it must be done, to get the mood from time to time). You are the best......period. During several assignments in Alaska, I was literally ecstatic to go in your beautiful state. No telephones poles, no visible pollution and very clean atmosphere.......Great place !! Your web site is very impressive and I would like to do the same stuff in the Lower 48.

Scott, I scrounge the net CONTINUALLY for cool pictures of the auroras. There's nothing more in this life I wish to see more! And yours, BY FAR, are the most incredible photos I've ever seen - they leave me gasping for air!!! Thank you SO much for posting them on your site for us to see! Your site, too, is fabulous! But, since this might go to your head, I better stop here!

I like your site. I hope you don't mind that I linked to your site from

I enjoyed your outstanding work. I'm a new fan.

Hello Scott: Just a quick note - this is a wonderful web site!


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