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The warm glow of the setting sum illuminates the freshly snow-covered peaks of the Chugach Mountains while Anchorage is surrounded by the golden colors of Fall.

Termination Dust

In Alaska, the first snow to dust the mountains is called "termination dust" because historically it signaled the impending termination of summer.
Although summer in Alaska brings warm temperatures, green grass, and endless daylight, it inevitably must come to an end. While some people
bemoan the coming snow and cold and head south to warmer climes, many others gladly welcome the changing seasons and eagerly look
forward to deep snow and crisp temperatures. September separates summer and winter with a brief but intense autumn season. The trees turn
gold and yellow while the snow creeps ever lower on the slopes above town, a sure sign of things to come.

Photo Number: 1ds2-01-7342-51

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