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Most people associate northern lights with the higher latitudes in Alaska, Canada, and Scandinavia. Few people would consider Juneau, Alaska to be an aurora hotspot. This photo disproves such an idea.

Taken on the Juneau Icefield, some 50 miles north of Juneau, this auroral storm lives up to its name by appearing over the Storm Range
(Gale, Typhoon, and Blizzard Peaks) while the Moon rises behind Blizzard Peak.

Storm Range Aurora
Image No: 10d-01-4998

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Nature's Patterns The true and lasting value of Nature lies in its ability to inspire and revitalize the soul.

It's an unfortunate reality of today's world that Nature too often is seen as an obstacle to human progress. As the world's human population continues its exponential increase, development will inevitably spread into today's untouched natural areas. I'm fortunate to live in Alaska, a little part of the world that still retains landscapes relatively untouched by development, but even here, the insidious drive to develop is overwhelming. If human culture is to survive into future centuries, a fundamental shift in our collective mindset must acknowledge that wild, natural areas are essential for human survival and that, just as wildlife populations are "managed", so to must the human population be managed. Through this site, I hope to share the wonder of Nature that I see through my lens. Aristotle, some 2,300 years ago, may have said it best...

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."

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